How will Brenda Heist become un-dead?

(By which I mean, somehow get the “legally dead” declaration reversed. I don’t mean becoming a zombie.)

The BBC has an article about the process. Apparently it’s easier than you might think:

While getting a death certificate for a missing person can be time consuming, reversing it takes considerably less effort – namely, a trip to the courthouse by Heist.

“A court would just rescind it,” says Professor Lee-ford Tritt, director of Estate Planning at University of Florida, who says it would do so quickly once Heist had made an appearance in front of a judge.

The life insurance her husband collected is another issue altogether. Of course the company will be wanting their money back. Brenda Heist has no money and can’t pay them. They might sue her husband, but I wonder if he could get the suit dismissed by simply pointing out that there was no intention to defraud and he was an innocent victim in all of this. The insurance company may just have to eat it.

I feel sorry for all parties involved.