Another email from the same source

See this post and my puzzlement about the guy’s referencing the Catholic Church when Isabella Miller-Jenkins and Lisa Miller are not Catholic.

You are heretofore given notification to discard your impractical views and fantasies. You are notified your ridiculous views lead to historical illiteracy. You are therefore hereby commanded the following: this communication also functions to notify you of the narrow minded and blasphemous nature of the content and views you champion. It is decided constitutionalist fiction and error has no rights. It has therefore been decided that both the conceptual and physical expression of constitutionalist superstitions has no raison d’être either in your mind or anywhere else for that matter. The Sovereign Jurisdiction of the Holy Roman Church has made this determination. Should you fail to abide by that which has been declared herein: expect a swifter arrival of condemnation. Outside the Catholic Church There is No Salvation: view

I never asserted that the heretic Janet Miller is a Catholic. You are therefore blinded by constitutionalist confusion and superstition. You aid government child pedophilia in your support of the federal government’s chase of Lisa Miller. Your anachronical website lists Isabelle Ruth as “missing.” I hereby command you to close down your egregiously useless website. I determine that the least you can do is to remove all content relating to Lisa Miller and Isabelle Ruth off your dangerous website: and any other such content featuring as “missing children” the children of parents who simply want to have their children with them.

You also discussed your puny ideas with your ilk seeming to protest the content of the communication.

It is so decided.

This is turning out to be a remarkably unproductive month

I’m almost completely incommunicado right now, because we fell behind on our Comcast bill and are stuck in the barren wasteland known as “no internet, no Netflix, no cable.” I’ve been reading and playing Sims 3 a lot.

Michael’s roommate called Comcast to try to fix the problem. Even though his name is on the account as an authorized person to talk to, the lady wouldn’t even tell him how much was owed. She finally snapped that we should “pay our effing bill next time.” Except she didn’t say “effing.” M.F. asked to speak to her supervisor, and when that person came on the line he asked to speak to HER supervisor, explaining that the customer service rep had committed an egregious offense and he wanted to speak to someone higher level. When he told Supervisor #2 what happened, the guy was like, “She said what?” And he said he would have a talk with her and probably she would not be coming back to work. Any customer service rep who curses at people who are are trying to get a legitimate problem fixed, is not cut for customer service.

I hope they actually did fire her. Comcast is notorious for its terrible customer service.

Right now I’m at the library. I only came to look up how to fix the Sims 3’s dreaded “error code 12” and see about trying to stay ahead of the tide of emails. (Current number: 179.)

I should be back in a few days, I hope.