It’s 10:30 p.m. and I have updates

I wound up sleeping all day and not waking till 8:00 p.m. I thought I’d just let the day go as far as the Charley Project was considered, awhile later I changed my mind and thought: what the heck, let’s put something together. I decided I didn’t have time to write enough new cases to make it worthwhile — you all know I like to post them in groups of ten or at least five, and I’d like a few of them at least to be actually interesting and not just “few details are available” type cases. But I had time to post updates of existing casefiles, and I have scores of them waiting in the wings.

Right now my “to be posted” updates are in a folder by themselves. The folder contains five folders, marked “A-E” and “F-J” and so on. Well, I tried to add the two oldest updates from each folder. I planned to put in the two oldest updates from each folder, but tonight I found some casefiles that hadn’t been updated and somehow wound up in the folders anyway, and there was only one update in the “U-Z” folder, which never has very much and is often totally empty. So. Anyway. I’m sure all this information is fascinating to you.

All of today’s updates are pretty small; most of them come from NamUs. But they’re there for the picking, and I can at least tell myself that I updated today and did not neglect my responsibility.

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