Four more executions…

…in a single post of mine on Executed Today. It’s another Holocaust one; you know that’s my specialty. All of them were Polish Jews, and hanged in pairs: two from the Sosnowiec Ghetto and two from the Bedzin Ghetto.

The father and son who died in Sosnowiec 71 years ago today have a cameo in Maus, Art Spiegelman’s famous graphic novel about the his father’s journey through the Holocaust. I read Maus for school over ten years ago, but I’ve just about forgotten it. I ought to pick it up again.

I wrote to the woman whose book was the principal source for the info in today’s entry. I told her about the entry, and also told her about an upcoming one that will cite her book as a source and quote from it. Speaking as the administrator as the Charley Project, thank-you notes mean a lot to me. I get them from family members, police officers, and sometimes even just random people who stumble across my site. I get two or three a week on average, I guess. (These communications far outnumber the critical emails I get or the emails from crazy people, but I don’t write about the thank-yous much because it sounds like I’m bragging or just out for my own glory or something, and I don’t think the thank yous are nearly as interesting to write about.) It boosts my spirits to know that my efforts are appreciated and I’m making a positive difference in the world. This isn’t the first time I’ve contacted a scholar to thank them for helping my Executed Today research; I figure they deserve to know they’re appreciated, too.

Also on executed on this day in 1942: Sergeant Anton Schmid, a German soldier who helped save Jews in Lithuania and was later honored as one of the Righteous Among the Nations. He saved hundreds of lives at the cost of his own. My Executed Today entry for him was posted two years ago.

4 thoughts on “Four more executions…

  1. Linda Wade April 13, 2013 / 9:40 am

    Thanks for reminding us it really wasn’t that long ago,
    and anti semitism is on the rise unfortunately

    • Meaghan April 13, 2013 / 10:41 pm

      Quite so. And it is often disguised as anti-Israel. I find it had to tell when someone is anti-Semitic or just anti-Israel.

      Israel is such a hot-button issue. My mother is very pro-Israel and spoke about the Palestinians in ways that were, frankly, racist. I called her on it several times and finally gave her a book that talked about the terrible conditions in the refugee camps. She stopped trashing the Palestinians after that, at least in front of me.

      • Saffy April 14, 2013 / 2:21 pm

        oh so true. I’m not a big supporter of Israel, but it really annoys me when people go on about how Israel is the most evil dictatorship on earth. I actually am against their policies, but let’s face it, look at other countries in the M.E and worldwide. It’s just an opportunity for people to be antisemitic in an ‘acceptable’ way.
        as for the MAUS reference, I remember image of the hangings that very well to this day! I have recently tracked down the names of some relatives in my (maternal) great grandmother’s family in Poland and while some did survive, many of them died in ghettos or in various death camps- Auschwitz, Sobibor, Treblinka.

      • Meaghan April 15, 2013 / 2:43 am

        I think you can be pro-Israel without being anti-Palestinian. I am pro-Israel in the sense that I believe they have a right to exist. (Or more like, “They’ve been around since 1948. They’re not going to commit suicide now. Israel exists; get over it.”) But I don’t believe they have a right to go lobbing rockets at anyone who disagrees with them. I feel sympathy for the Palestinians as dispossessed people and think they’ve had a lot of rotten luck, but I certainly don’t agree with the suicide bombings and such.

        Israel is not perfect, but it’s the most free and democratic country they’ve got in that part of the world, as you pointed out.

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