Trying to get caught up on stuff

My email inbox has got a bit swollen and I’m trying to get around to replying them to all. So, if some of you wrote me weeks ago and haven’t heard back, chances are you will soon. The same goes with corrections to minor errors on Charley. I intend to get around to those too.

My mood went totally kaput several weeks ago. I was desperately unhappy for no reason and could get joy out of nothing. My psychiatrist suggested a change in my medication — taking more of one drug and less of another. (I take three psychiatric drugs. For no particular reason I don’t feel like naming them on here.) So I started taking less of Drug A and more of Drug B. It had no effect and this disappointment made me more miserable than ever. I stopped working on Charley, stopped reading, etc. And slights that I would normally shrug off started hurting a lot more than they usually do.

Well, yesterday I was refilling my scripts at the pharmacy and they said, “You know the dose for Drug C has been raised, right?” And I was like, “Uh, no.” Turns out my doctor meant for me to be taking less of Drug A but more of Drug C, not Drug B. I don’t know how the miscommunication happened and it doesn’t really matter. Pobody’s nerfect. Now that I’m taking the doses I was supposed to be on, the medicine will start working and I will become cheerful and industrious again. Just the fact that I that this may make me better soon lifts my mood a little.