Went on another cell-phone-portrait-taking binge today

Presenting seven pics of moi:


I like the first two the best. Number 4 is good also. I’m happy that my eyes look blue (their actual color) in these pics. Sometimes in photographs they look green or hazel.

With the exception of my red hair, I think I’m quite ordinary in appearance. Yet people seem to recognize and remember me wherever I go, even if I’ve only encountered them a few times. I thought of this when I went to the doctor’s office today to pick up a prescription for an opiate painkiller. (The Headache has dropped by for another of its occasional visits.) The FDA or whatever makes you pick those up at the office these days; you can’t have the doctor phone in the script anymore. The secretary simply handed it over without even checking my name, never mind my ID. Sometimes I wonder, if I were to let my hair revert to its original ash-blonde color, whether people would still remember me so well.