Another Tuesday

I haven’t updated but I did change my MP of the week. This week’s is Zachary Aylsworth. He was 22 when he disappeared in 2006: he was running from the cops and jumped into the Ohio River to evade them, and it looks like he never resurfaced.

The Ohio River’s current runs west and eventually connects with the Mississippi, which goes south down to the Gulf of Mexico and into the Atlantic. So, assuming Zachary drowned (a pretty good assumption), his body could have wound up almost anywhere.

I know I haven’t updated in centuries but I really just don’t feel like it right now. Stuff’s been going on in my personal life (nothing for y’all to worry about, mind) that has me all grumpy and out of sorts.

This may be a coincidence but I don’t think it is

Since two weeks ago when I made my list of cases where Charley had a picture of the MP and the NamUs profile didn’t, pictures have appeared on many if not most of the cases on that list. And with Benjamin McLaurin-Johnson, who did have a NamUs photo (or rather an AP) but one that wasn’t visible unless you actually looked for it, now his picture shows up like normal.

Sweet. I had sort of hoped this would happen. I haven’t signed up to add things to NamUs myself. Got enough on my plate.

And speaking of pictures, I’d like to offer a long-overdue thank you to Carl Koppelman, has spent a long time going through sites like and so on and procured numerous photographs for many cases that previously had none. There are quite a few cases that would not be on the Charley Project were it not for Carl’s digging. So thanks, Carl.