MPs with botanical names

My first Make-A-List Monday post: missing persons whose names are those of flowers, trees, etc. (“Wood” however, does not count.) Inevitably, these are almost all females.

Things like spelling/ethnic variations or derivatives are added with my discretion. For example, the name “Viola” is in fact derived from “violet” in addition to being a musical instrument. But the name “Rosario” means “rosary” and has nothing to do with the similar-sounding Rose/Rosa. So Viola’s on the list and Rosario is not.

Acacia Patience Bishop
Acacia Nicole Duvall

Amanda Marie Berry
Casey Scott Berry
Jackie Lee Berry Jr.
Jonathan David Berry
Phyllis Eleanor Berry
Simmoni Jamie Berry

Nancy Elizabeth Branch

Shakeima Ann Cabbagestalk

Daisy Belle Marshall
Deisy Herrera

Daphne Ronette Hope
Daphne Philisia Jones

Flora Vesta Smith Helmick
Flora Rebecca Ligon
Flora Tobin

Florence Anne Coker
Florence Elma Doolittle
Florence Agnes Dumontet
Nellie Florence Cornman Flickinger
Oscar Florence Hintta
Nathan Warren Florence II

Forest Ferguson
Kristal Lorraine Forest

Forrest Atmore Stanton
Nikki Lyn Forrest

Hazel X. Bracamontes
Hazel Lydia Chamblen
Hazel Rose Hess
Hazel Alice Klug
Hazel Ruth Smith

Heather Danielle Cannon
Heather Marie DuPriest
Heather Lynn Higgins
Heather Raquel Holiday
Heather Elaine Klett
Heather Nicole Kullorn
Heather Janelle Lewis
Heather Ann MacCrossen
Heather Lynn Maude
Heather Lorraine Mehlhoff
Heather M. Riggio
Heather Rena Sellars
Heather Lindsay Silver
Heather Danyelle Teague
Heather Dawn Mullins Zimmerman

Holly Lynn Bobo
Holly Lynn Davis Calbaugh
Holly Ann Hughes
Holly Ann Paul
Holly Susanne Trichel

Iris Leslie Brown
Iris Deborah Torres Osorio
Barbara Iris Marmor
Elizabeth Iris Prescott

Ivy Marie Leinen
Ivy Lynn Mantell
Ivy Matory
Sharon Ivy Jones

Jasmine Kirlissa Collins
Jasmine Garcia Flores-Corona
Jasmine Unique Earl
Jasmine Sue Haslag
Jasmine Ortiz
Jasmine Ramirez
Jasmine Anna Marie Sajedi
Angeles Jasmine Rachel Perez

Cindy Jazmin Perez-Aguilar

Laurel Elizabeth Newquist
Laurel Lea Rogers

Lily Mae Huff
Bianca Lily Jones

Lilli Marlene Dunn

Lillian May Mathis

Lillie Ioni Beden
Lillie Darlene Miller

Lilly Lopez
Kimberly Lynn Lilly
Lucely “Lilly” Aramburo (called Lilly in many if not most accounts)

Lisa Magnolia Snelgrove

Myrtle Ann Green Hudson

Alexander Sol Olive

William Herbert Pear

Ruben Primrose Wiggins

Jeed Taylor Jeppson
Donald Ronald Reed Duck Jr.
Jordan Reed Smith
April Kelly Reed
Ashley Fuller Reed
Briana Elizabeth Reed
Chassity Reed
Craig Allen Reed
Elmer George Reed
Jackson M. Voci-Reed
Kenneth S. Reed
Sallie Margaret Reed
Vanessa Reed
Robin Reed
William Carl Reed

Rosa Marie Camacho
Rosa Margarita Lisowski
Rosa Maria Marquez
Rosa Ryan
Rosa Sanchez
Rosa Elizabeth Vega Hernandez

Rose Ann Baker
Rose Marie Bly
Rose Lena Cole
Rose M. Fields
Rose Mary West
Rose Marie Gayhart
Sharon Rose Apgar
Lynnea Rose Cross
Janet Rose Dolgae
Linda Rose Grimm
Linda Rose Lamont
Amanda Rose Madanes
Rose Mary Mallen
Samantha Rose Meraz
Jeanette Rose Miller
Tiffany Rose Hayes Oliver
Winter Angel Rose Parks
Beverly Rose Potts
Sharon Rose Sons
Venus Rose Stewart
Therese Rose Vanderheiden-Walsh
Tiffany Rose Warrington
April Rose Zane
Katherine Desiree Rose
Solomon Gomile Rose III
Warner James Rose

Roseann Marie Stone Pleasant

Roseanna Marie Forcum
Roseanna Pontorno

Rosemary K. Calandriello
Rosemary Cosgrove
Rosemary Rivas Day
Rosemary Diaz
Rosemary E. Hamilton Buck
Rosemary Theresa Kunst

Viola Brown Martin
Frankie Viola Hurst
Dena Viola McHan

Violet Bobbie Matory
Violet R. Watzulik
Violet Nancy Zarb
Alma Violet Root

Bruce Max Willow

Yasmin Rayon Acree
Yasmin Salazar