For the first time in a long time…

…there’s something in the news about the unsolved disappearance of four-year-old Rosa Marie “Rosita” Camacho and the murder of her mother, Rosa Delgado, who was found dismembered in a lake and not identified for two years. The prime suspect in the case is Julio Camacho, who is Rosa’s ex-boyfriend and Rosita’s father. And, disgustingly, he was a cop, one who abused his position to sexually exploit women.

Julio was convicted of two counts of rape and imprisoned, but he’s never been charged in Rosa’s death or Rosita’s disappearance. He’s gotten out of prison now, lives in Virginia and is registered as a sex offender. The article I linked to (which provides a great deal more info about the case than I’d previously known) notes that he had to pay $188 a week for Rosita’s support. And he was already paying support for two children from a previous marriage, and in 1993 he was determined to be the father of still another woman’s child and ordered to pay an additional $600 a month.

I realize that there’s inflation and $188 or whatever was worth more in 1993 than it is now, but it’s such a piddling amount of money to (probably) commit two murders over.

Reminds me of Jay-Quan Mosley, whose so-called father killed him and his mom over a good deal less: $40 a week. $2,000 a year. A month’s rent for a substantial percentage of the population. A¬†semester’s tuition at community college. Not the price of a decent used car. What the heck is wrong with some people?

Rosita Camacho would be 20 years old this June…if she’s alive.


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