New MP of the week

As per somebody’s request, Amanda “Nikki” Campbell is now the Charley Project’s missing person of the week. She was four years old when she disappeared from Fairfield, California two days after Christmas in 1991. If she’s still alive — and there’s no hard evidence to indicate that she isn’t — she will be turning 26 next week.


One of the cases I just added to Charley was that of Dale Lafleur, who was last seen driving his Mazda. Mr. Lafleur’s NamUs profile describes it as a “Merlot Mica (Miata)” model. I knew what a Miata was but had never heard of Merlot Mica so I decided to look it up. And it seems that Merlot Mica is a color, a kind of burgundy shade. Yet, all the sources I found, including the NamUs profile, say Dale Lafleur’s car was blue.

Zounds; I am mystified. Am I missing something here? Is the “merlot mica” part just wrong? Perhaps the car WAS merlot mica and got repainted blue later? Thoughts, anyone?

Looks like a cute little car though. The merlot mica color is nice too.

Suspects committed suicide

I missed last Make-a-List Monday cause of having no internet, but here’s this week’s list: cases where one or more suspects or persons of interest in the MP’s disappearance committed suicide. This includes people that were posthumously cleared.

Dawn Marlene Allen
Donald Lee Baker and Brenda Jo Howell
Susan Robin Bender
Thomas Eldon Bowman
A.J. Campbell Jr. and Myrisha Faye Campbell
Amber Rene Barker
Tyrone Lydell Bryant
Tracy Ann Byrd
Elizabeth W. Calvert and John L. Calvert
Tonetta Yvette Carlisle
Jasmine Kirlissa Collins and Melissa Ann Collins
Giannina Maria Colonna Aponte and John Colonna Aponte
Rachel Lyn Conger
Jeanette Maria Corpuz
Stephanie Lyn Crane
Dwayne David Defazio
Trenton John Duckett
Linda Sue Endorf
Ann Marie Ellinwood
Bekime Elshani
Sherry Melissa Eyerly
Judson Lee Fielding
Linda A. Frasure
Michaela Joy Garecht
Delores Raye Jones Griffin
Joan Ellen Hansen
Sausha Latine Henson and Shaina Ashly Kirkpatrick
Amber Shawnell Hoopes
Darleta Hurt
Tineshia Rene Jackson
Carolyn Ruth Killaby
Jessica Ann Kinsey
Crystal L. Kipper
Bruce Kremen
Carrie Smith Lawson
Ruth Ann Leamon
Tammy Lynn Leppert
Rosa Margarita Lisowski
Allen Lee Livingston
Kristopher Charles Loesch
Roger Dale Madison
Doreen Ann Marfeo
Gayle Marie Marks
Lillian R. Martin
Phillip Cabot Lloyd Martin
Becky Marie Marzo
Judith Ann Mattise
Marilyn Rene McCown
Lillie Darlene Miller
Glenda Frances Moorehead
Isabella M. Pastrana
Nancy Ann Penner
Linda Mae Peugeot and Lori Mae Peugeot
Jack Daniel Phillips
Timmothy James Pitzen
Susan Marie Powell
Ramona Price
Maria C. Procopio
Cindy Marilyn Ray
Carol Sue Skidmore
Reachelle Marie Smith
Cynthia Jo St. John
Sylvia Lourdes Standly
Cynthia Lynn Sumpter
Heather Danyelle Teague
Phylicia Albina Thomas
The Thompson family: Andrew, Everett Sr., Everett Jr. and Lydia
Karen Lynn Tompkins
Tamara E. Toy
Angie Denise Tucker
Barbara Smith Vanwinckle
LeeAnna Susan Marie Warner
Agnes Ann Young

A Jehovah’s Witness this time

Today I commemorate Wilhelm Kusserow, a who was executed on this day in 1940 for refusing to serve in the army in Nazi Germany. He was a Jehovah’s Witness and his faith prohibited military service. His brother would later meet with the same fate, for the same reason.

This will be my last Executed Today entry for this month. I had quite a few, five I think, for April. And four upcoming for May: an embittered father, a doctor who was as kind to his patients as he was a terror to his wife, a freed slave with extensive knowledge of the Bible, and a rapist who went back and murdered his victim after he got out of prison. All of them murderers, with seven victims between them.

I’m back online now

Just when I was beginning to chafe at the situation, internet service was restored. Oh, and Comcast actually responded to my post complaining about the way they treated M.F.; see the comments section here. But M.F. figures the problem has been fixed now (the problem being that particular employee), and he said he wasn’t interested in pressing the matter.

Anyway…I have a boatload of work to do now. How it piles up. I have a gazillion updates to post, many of which are priority updates. How do you prioritize your priority updates? To say nothing of all the resolves. I’ll try to get some update in tonight.

I promised him I’d keep posting these as long as he kept sending them

At this rate this emailer is going to need his own category in my blog postings.

No. These are very serious matters. The flame of the Divine Vengeance is all consuming and imminent. The Divine Vengeance awaits for you in the corner. In your day of Visitation there will be no running for you -but shall be consumed and thine entrails thereof and inner sanctums and parts – to exceeding magnitude beyond angled space. You shall be engulfed in catatonic soul-consuming insanity below the deep caverns of the earth at its center – forever howling and piping to incomprehensible tunes. The unspeakable flame will engulf and course through your insides and intestines with great frequency. You will be more miserable than hysterical old Jewish women. These Christ-killers will spend quality time with liberalist malcontents such as yourself to torture you for all eternity. The God-insulting Jew will have his portion in the eternal lake of fire with all the liberalist ilk and the heretics. The liberalist are dreamers and subscribers to superstitious fantasies. They cannot be reasoned with. Their illogic is too great.

Your existence is an abnormality. You are different from the rest of normal humanity. Constitutionalist fiction has never won the reasoned assent of mankind. Neither have such persons made any lasting contributions to science. If such individuals had more intelligence than the rest of normal humanity then perhaps a case for constitutionalism could be made. But since this is not the case – such a case cannot be made.


And another email, in response to my advice that he seek psychiatric help:

It is very disturbing you assert I need “psychiatric” help. Do you not know that psychiatric wards are a Communist creation which serves the purpose to allow persons to engage their deviancy in complete anonymity having total control of the bodies of others? It also secondarily serves the purpose to kill patients with psychotropic drugs. Such drugs are necessary to keep the subjects in a dazed-like state of mind. I can even quote a Communist document proving all I have said. The point is: for you to make the comment that I need psychiatric help shows you are a female predator or at least support such predatory activity. I do not say this flippantly.

Ominous Press Release of the BJS about Misconduct

P.S. this is a press release of the Bureau of Justice Statistics (BJS) concerning the misconduct of the 2008-2009 year by staff in Juvenile Hall. 95% of indecent misconduct was by female staff: and in 2008 only 42% of staff in juvenile facilities were females. Females are responsible for over 95% of the indecent abuse in juvenile hall. (The following link comes right before the link above and it explains how they carried out the process of getting the numbers etc this is a PDF file of the BJS statistics. Certainly how more evil can females such as yourself be? According to the government they are responsible for over 95% of the rape and pedophilia against youth in juvenile hall. You should plan on exposing yourself.


I do not think these texts need further adornment with my commentary.

Another email from the same source

See this post and my puzzlement about the guy’s referencing the Catholic Church when Isabella Miller-Jenkins and Lisa Miller are not Catholic.

You are heretofore given notification to discard your impractical views and fantasies. You are notified your ridiculous views lead to historical illiteracy. You are therefore hereby commanded the following: this communication also functions to notify you of the narrow minded and blasphemous nature of the content and views you champion. It is decided constitutionalist fiction and error has no rights. It has therefore been decided that both the conceptual and physical expression of constitutionalist superstitions has no raison d’être either in your mind or anywhere else for that matter. The Sovereign Jurisdiction of the Holy Roman Church has made this determination. Should you fail to abide by that which has been declared herein: expect a swifter arrival of condemnation. Outside the Catholic Church There is No Salvation: view

I never asserted that the heretic Janet Miller is a Catholic. You are therefore blinded by constitutionalist confusion and superstition. You aid government child pedophilia in your support of the federal government’s chase of Lisa Miller. Your anachronical website lists Isabelle Ruth as “missing.” I hereby command you to close down your egregiously useless website. I determine that the least you can do is to remove all content relating to Lisa Miller and Isabelle Ruth off your dangerous website: and any other such content featuring as “missing children” the children of parents who simply want to have their children with them.

You also discussed your puny ideas with your ilk seeming to protest the content of the communication.

It is so decided.