Older family abductions

Most family abduction cases profiled on the Charley Project tend to be of children who are aren’t yet of school age. The case I’ll be adding today, a sister and brother aged one and two respectively, is pretty typical. If the children are of school age they tend to be in the lower elementary grades. I suppose it’s easier to hide a younger child than an older one. Anyway, I thought I’d make a list of older family abduction cases, where the children were ten or over when they were taken.

Wendy Agapito, 14, and Berania Teresa Agapito, 11
Gisselle Sabel Anderson, 10
Maria Avalos Angeles, 11, and Lizbet Avalos Angeles, 10
Anilu Jimenez Bibiano, 16, and Ana Karen Jimenez Bibiano, 15
Angie Campos, 10
Natasha Alexandra Augusta Carter, 10
Samantha De La Torre, 11
Lachlan Yukihiro Kishida Duffley, 12
Tariq Ahmed Elsafi, 12
Joseph Zachary Ernst, 10
Samuel Flores-Ayala, 11
Stephanie Guerrero, 13, Antonia Guerrero, 12, and Sandra Lopez, 11
Ivan Karapandzic, 10
Omar Qutaiba Mahmoud, 12
Christopher Thomas Alaric Mauriello, 14
Jonnathan Nassar, 12
Nicolas Marcel Santin, 12
Sofia Vizcaino Maldonado, 10
Sheimy A. Zuniga, 10

Notice that almost all of these older kids are part of sibling groups that include younger children. I had started putting their siblings on too but got tired of it and stopped. Only Natasha Carter, Lachlan Duffley, Ivan Karapandzic, Christopher Mauriello and Nicolas Santin didn’t get abducted along with siblings under ten.

I also know I have a few teen runaways where it says the runaway may be with their non-custodial parent. I don’t understand what’s the difference between a runaway who’s with their non-custodial parent and a teenage victim of a family abduction. Seems like six of one and half-dozen of the other.

Executed Today in 1883: Emeline Meaker

Another blog post by me: Emeline Meaker, the first woman (of two) hanged in Vermont. I like to point to cases like this when people try to say child abuse is a sign of the depravity of modern life. Alice Meaker’s murder was every bit as horrific as any child abuse homicide you’d find splashed across the headlines today. Also note the complicity of the neighbors, another factor in many such modern murders.