A new project

I’m collaborating with two other people on the second edition of an annotated bibliography of Holocaust literature for children and teenagers. The guy who invited me had written the first edition himself, published in 1999, and wants to put out another, but he had a hard time of it back then and so much more has come out now, more than a dozen years later, that he decided he needed help. He asked for my assistance based on the 434 books on my goodreads.com “Holocaust” shelf. I’ll get co-author credit and everything. Pretty cool, huh?

I’d never tried to do anything like this before and it’s a lot more labor-intensive than you’d think. I feel obligated to read, or at least glance through, every bibliographic entry I write. And there are a lot of Holocaust books I read yonks ago that I know should be included, but I simply can’t remember much about them and will have to have a look at them again.

The result is that I won’t be reading much else except Holocaust books for the next few months. Not that that’s any great imposition.

This is bad, very bad

The family abduction case of Sabrina Allen (missing eleven years next month) has been relatively high-profile thanks to the efforts of her searching father, Greg. Sabrina’s mother, Dara Marie Llorens, took her from Austin, Texas in April 2002 and disappeared, presumably into Mexico. In fact, in June 2003 the police surrounded a house in Mexico City where Dara and Sabrina were thought to be hiding, but nobody came out and after awhile the police lifted their surveillance and went away, whereupon Dara and Sabrina left as well and disappeared again.

Well, according to this article, a private investigator hired by Greg Allen says there haven’t been any reported sightings or contact with Dara in a year and he thinks she may be dead. The PI believes Sabrina might be being sheltered by a friend of her mother’s.

I hope the PI’s theory isn’t true and Dara is still alive.