It’s Tuesday again

This week’s spotlighted missing person is Carlos Urruela, disappeared from San Francisco in 1987. A blog commenter requested him. Carlos disappeared under circumstances that suggest he jumped off the Golden Gate Bridge — his car turned up there — but CDOJ says “suspicious circumstances.” His mom commented on my blog last month and said she thinks too many people missing in the vicinity of the Bridge were written off as suicides and the cops didn’t look at any other theories, when in fact some of those supposed suicides have got to have left on their own.

She’s probably right. I read an estimate somewhere that at least 10% of Golden Gate suicides where the body wasn’t found are probably “pseudocides” but I don’t know how they would arrive at that figure. As to whether Carlos was among that number, I have no idea. I hope he’s alive. He has very intense eyes.

Haven’t updated yet. I’m still working on that.

One thought on “It’s Tuesday again

  1. Suzanne Day March 13, 2013 / 1:23 pm

    thank you . Carlos Benjamin Urruela is aka Ben Mann. he has as of 5 years old called Benjie after 16 he was called Ben.. so Of course this reply is from Suzanne Day, Ben’s mother. I would like to suggest that a new type of information center be established the most helpful new tool would be age progression. Even If People are missing and not dead some one at some time has seen these people.It is also possible as in the case of my son .i the coast guard was never called.the bridge camers were on but never saw any body come down. there were some guys who saw a man exiting the passenger side of the car. I spoke with them. they never saw a body come down from the bridge. The bridge patrol searched the land under the bridge for four days.nothing I called every coastline morgue for over a month. what I am getting at is these people can be alive at the time of the report. and then dead somewhere after the staged events. People need to know dead or alive as to what really took place. I hired divers to go under the bridge to see if Ben’s body could of been stuck under the bridge.I even went on the boat with them. the left me on an island near where They were diving. Truly I could not Believe that I was On that boat and island looking for Ben. I also hired @ dictives one measured where the car was found relating to where the water ends and the land begins. the estimate caused many questions.Some times its about nobody listening but in these situations IT IS ABOUT NO ONE IS LOOKING.It is harder each year for these people to show up,
    . They know the damage they have done. Re entry is a problem that I can Only imagine. This is a bigger picture reason that these people never surface again. I received over fifty hang up calls over the first four months. AND THERE IS MORE thank you again,Sincerely Suzanne Day

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