Cases involving a wrongful death lawsuit

A list of cases where someone filed a lawsuit for the MP’s wrongful death. There was such a case that I updated today where this happened. I’ve got a bunch of cases where MP-related lawsuits were filed; not all were for wrongful death, though, and for some of the cases I’m not sure whether the suit was for wrongful death or not.

Toni Ann Bachman
Leonard Bernard Branzuela
Samantha Nicole Burns
Clarissa Ann Culberson
Molly Laura Dattilo
Neil Alan Eddleman
Eugene Francis Fish
Barbara Glueckert
Bonnie Lynn Haim
Joan Ellen Hansen
Julie May Hill
Tammy Lynn Leppert
Janet Gail Levine March
Sheri L. Montague
Timothy Douglas Moreau
Christine Ann Nelson
Michelle Loree Parker
Etan Kalil Patz
Tyler Christopher Payne
Kimberly Ann Riley
Juliana Mae Schubert
Kristin Denise Smart
Betty Fran Smith
Tom Trotter
Jonnie Renee White
Dolores Wulff

An honorable mention goes to Trenton Duckett. His mother Melinda, a suspect in his disappearance, committed suicide in 2006. Her parents filed a lawsuit against the talk show host Nancy Grace, alleging she’d basically bullied Melinda to death by crucifying her on her show. (Apparently Melinda’s parents forgot that she had history of psychiatric problems, stays in mental hospitals, and suicidal threats and behavior that began years before her son’s disappearance and her appearance on Nancy Grace’s show.) The suit was settled out of court.

2 thoughts on “Cases involving a wrongful death lawsuit

  1. Mac March 10, 2013 / 4:24 pm

    Rosario Gonzalez middle name is Teresa and date of birth 1963 source doe network and find a grave

  2. Melissa Kent March 12, 2013 / 6:11 am

    There’s a blog out there, written by a woman who believes Melinda was innocent, and did not commit suicide. Okaaaaay then *lowers eyes and backs away slowly* 😉

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