A mixed bag tonight

I just finished today’s updates, so now I don’t have to work on Charley for more than 24 hours. (But we all know I will.) The added cases:

1 drowning accident
1 probable suicide by drowning
1 family abduction
1 woman with stroke-related dementia who wandered off
6 “few details are available” cases

Of the cases I updated you’ve got:
1 non-family abduction
1 possible serial killer victim
1 long-ago disappearance without much to go on
1 1990 disappearance with suspicious circumstances
1 victim of suspected spousal snuffage, and her daughter
1 drowning accident
1 MWAB case
2 “few details are available” cases

Three drownings in one day. Wonder how often that happens?

If you randomly selected twenty Charley cases, you’d probably wind up with something like that. With maybe a teenage runaway or two added to the mix in place of one or two of the drownings.


One thought on “A mixed bag tonight

  1. Peter Henderson March 10, 2013 / 3:57 pm

    Facebook friends, Charley Project friends, people in general. This is the woman who has a tattoo matching Lake thunderbird Jane’s.

    She may simple have a duplicate lower tattoo, although a careful review suggests its singular. Regardless any information would be helpful. Peter

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