A short list for you

Per Justin, I found out that Victor and Monica Arellano disappeared after their mother was murdered, and the police believe their father killed them and took the kids and ran off to Mexico. (I should note, though, that it doesn’t look like Dad has been charged.) They’ve been missing nearly 14 years. I thought I’d make a list of kids missing under similar circumstances.

I actually found very few such cases. In most cases where a child is abducted after the murder of a parent, they’re presumed to be dead. But there doesn’t seem to be any compelling reason to think the Arellano children are dead. I also wanted cases where it was clear the other parent had committed the murder and taken the kid. So here they are:

Allyson Corrales, 4, missing from Missouri since 2009
Luis Miguel Encarnacion, 7, and Mariel Encarnacion, 9, missing from California since 2011
Danielle Idaly Jimenez, 3, missing from Texas since 2006
Jesus Alvarado Martinez, 4, missing from Texas since 2004

Honorable mentions go to Jessica Vargas Biatriz, 4, missing from Florida since 2006, and Tonya and Yasmin Salazar, aged 4 and 2 respectively, missing from Tennessee since 2001. Jessica mother had some thugs help her abduct Jessica, and in the process the child’s uncle was killed. The Salazar girls’ abducting father is wanted for homicide, but I don’t know who the victim is.

4 thoughts on “A short list for you

    • Meaghan March 5, 2013 / 11:05 pm

      Sweet! I’d actually had that article bookmarked but hadn’t actually read it yet.

  1. BeLa March 6, 2013 / 1:01 pm

    for the record…I really love when you do the list blog posts

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