Still sick, but keeping up with correspondence

I’m not coughing so bad anymore but I’m still feeling quite under the weather and snuffly and all that. I’ve been mostly offline, though I go on once a day or so to check my email.

I don’t much feel like updating, though according to NamUs a bucketload of people have been found. And someone’s upset with me for saying on her uncle’s casefile that he was gay. She asked why did I have to bring that up, was I trying to degrade him as a person or what? I’ll have to issue the standard “I include everything I can find about an MP but if it bothers you that much I can take it off” response. And perhaps I’ll add that, until this past Monday, I lived with my boyfriend and two gay men. (Just one gay man, now. They broke up, and one of them has moved out.)

I had one MP on my website — I think he’s still there actually, I don’t think they ever found his body — who, as I duly recorded in his casefile, was an honest-to-god murderer. Ages before he vanished, he shot a man. He was convicted, did his time, was released and apparently lead a law-abiding life thereafter. This was definitely the most “prejudicial” detail I’ve ever had on any Charley Project casefile. The person’s disappearance, as it happens, turned out to be one of those MWAB ones, and the circumstances of his death had nothing to do with his previous crime. It was a robbery gone too far.

Now here’s an argument for including details like that: anything that might make the MP stand out. Suppose someone reads the casefile and, weeks later, is looking at UID cases and sees something that catches their eye. “Say, this guy reminds me of…what was his name…God, I can’t remember, but he was a convicted murderer. Should be easy to look up again.” And there you go.

Of course, if the convicted murderer, or the gay man I referenced above, had been an avid stamp collector and I found out about that somehow, I’d have put that in. And for the same reason.

Nevertheless, it does bother me when I upset people like I upset this man’s niece, even if I don’t believe I’ve actually done anything wrong. I was talking about that with Michael earlier, about how sad I get whenever something I wrote offends somebody, and he said I place myself in the public eye with the work I do but I really don’t seem to have the temperament for it. Which I think was his way of telling me to man up.