I really should have gotten a flu shot

With the arrogance of youth, and the knowledge that I was not in a “high risk” group (old people, asthma sufferers, etc.), I chose to skip the flu shot this year. Well, I’m seriously regretting it now. My “cold” of this entry became much worse and I quite literally have not slept in three days straight, because of coughing. I am in much misery.

Today I had to go meet my father to exchange some things — he needed paperwork from me, I needed books from him. We were supposed to meet up at 10:00. In fact I left extra early and showed up at his apartment shortly after eight, requesting that he take me to this new, low-priced urgent care clinic he’d been telling about. By then I was coughing so hard I was gagging, although nothing was coming up (I almost haven’t eaten in three days either — I never have any appetite when I’m sick). We arrived at the clinic forthwith and, being a new patient, I had to fill out all sorts of stupid forms and it seemed like the time I spent waiting could have been measured geologically. And the waiting room had NO KLEENEX. What kind of doctor’s waiting room has no tissue boxes? (I wrote that down and put that in the suggestion box on my way out.)

At last I was seen — it really wasn’t all that long, it just felt that way to me, what with the chunk of concrete in my throat and all. The doctor looked in the usual places and asked the usual questions, and pronounced the verdict, and I went bolting off to the pharmacy to get my precious, precious cough medicine. I took it about half an hour ago and now I’m only coughing a little bit, and my throat no longer feels like concrete. So presumably I’ll be able to sleep. But not now. Right now I’m in the chemistry/biology storeroom at Ohio State. Not exactly a great place to snooze. Dad’s off getting his taxes done. I’ve got five new books to read all fresh and hot, plus the Kindle, plus the computer, to keep me company till he gets back. I reckon we’ll have lunch and then go to his apartment. I’ll probably spend the night. Between the “haven’t slept in three days” and “am under the influence of opiates” thing, I’m probably not street-legal right now.

I suppose I’m fortunate because other than this godawful cough and a bit of a runny nose, I don’t have any other flu symptoms. No aches, not overtired — not that I could do much about that — and I only had a touch of fever for a few hours several days ago. So I’m ambulatory. Next year I’ll ask Dad to remind me of this when flu shot season comes around.

On the bright side of things, I decided to take some time off of actual work (like the Charley Project) on account of my illness. I’ve written a few Executed Today entries (one I’m really proud of, which took all day to research and write and won’t come out till June), played a lot of Sims 3, and I’ve been reading Sherlock Holmes: The Complete Illustrated Collection, one of the books Dad left for me on the Kindle. And I caught up on the awesome modern adaptation TV show, Sherlock, streaming it free on Amazon. I had only seen the first two episodes; now I’ve finished them all. I want to find out how he faked his death. Season 3 might not come out till 2014!