Geralyn Graham gets 55 years

Geralyn Graham, foster mother of missing child Rilya Wilson, was sentenced to 55 years in prison for kidnapping and abusing Rilya. (She was also charged with murder, but the jury hung on that count.) As Graham is 67 years old, the sentence virtually guarantees she will never see the light of day again. And she’ll be surrounded by female inmates who have children they love and miss, and I reckon she’s not going to be terribly popular.

The judge said Graham committed “senseless, cruel and inhumane acts” against Rilya and added, “One can only be inherently evil to inflict that type of pain and torment on an innocent child.” You can see the judge’s statement on video here; she also condemns the many people that could have stopped what was going on and didn’t.

Graham continues to deny responsibility in Rilya’s death, saying “Rilya is a very sweet child to me and I would never knowingly hurt her in any way. I miss her and I love her.” Riiiight. I was hoping she’d cave and tell us where the body is in exchange for a shorter sentence. Oh, well. At least she’s going to pay for what she did to that little girl. And it’s been a long time coming.


I heard from some person who’s investigating Shemaeah Gunnell‘s disappearance on behalf of Alvie Copeland Kiles, the man who was convicted of killing her, her baby sister and her mother. Kiles is on death row in Arizona. Anyway, the person wanted to know why Shemaeah was still listed as a missing child since Kiles was convicted in her death. He said there were reports that she had been sold for drugs and was in Mexico or something.

I wrote back explaining about why MP cases are still publicized even in the case of a murder conviction. (Shemaeah’s no longer on the NCMEC though.) It would be great if the little girl was still alive, but I’m not holding my breath. And frankly, I’m looking forward to writing an Executed Today entry for Kiles.