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I’ve been idling these last few days, offline almost entirely. I’m back now but not sure if I’ll update today or not; I’m not feeling very well and have some distractions.

Recent news in the MP world:

Bill Crider, the husband of Joyce Crider, was killed in a car wreck a week ago. He was never ruled out as a suspect in her case and in the article I just linked to, Joyce’s mom openly accuses him of murder. In the comments section several people who knew Bill are quite indignant about her remarks.

A suspect, John Alan Mellquist, has been charged in the murder of Annelise Schweikardt, who disappeared from Sarasota, Florida in 2003. She had rented a room to him and was attempting to evict him at the time of her disappearance, and he tried to explain her absence by saying she had left the country. A lot of blood was found in her home, enough so that the police were pretty sure a homicide had taken place. But Annelise was a German citizen who had no immediate family in the United States, and it took a long time to create a DNA profile for her to test against the blood.

There’s an article about Herlinda Ann Soto, who vanished in 1993 and left behind an ex-husband, two kids and the bloodiest crime scene the police had seen in years. The article has a little more information than I had before. Herlinda’s ex-husband would be the obvious suspect, but he had an alibi. The police believe someone murdered her inside her home, transported her body in the trunk of her own car and then disposed of it — the body, not the car, which was abandoned — somewhere. They think more than one person was involved.

There’s been a spate of news about Kevin Collins, a ten-year-old who vanished from San Francisco in 1984. It was a very famous case at the time. The police have searched the former residence of a suspect, Wayne Jackson Dan Leonard Therrien, who died in 2008. (He apparently used several alias names.) He lived across the street from Kevin’s school, had a history of sex crimes against children, looked like the man with the dog whom witnesses saw talking to Kevin before his disappearance, and owned a similar dog. Alas, the search turned up zip, zilch, nada, except a few bones that are in all probability animal bones, though they got sent to a lab for analysis just in case.

And I don’t usually talk about unidentifieds, but this article touched me: three little girls and a young woman, murdered sometime in the late seventies or early eighties, stripped naked, stuffed into two metal barrels and dumped in the woods in Allenstown, New Hampshire. The barrels were found fifteen years apart. Two of the children were toddlers, but the other child was old enough to be in school. The woman and two of the children are related, but not the third child. The police don’t have the foggiest idea who any of them are. (Their NCMEC poster is here.) To me it looks like some man, probably husband and father of the victims, decided he didn’t want to have a family any more and killed them all. But who knows. It was a lot easier to hide that kind of thing back then.


5 thoughts on “Recent MP news

  1. Donna February 10, 2013 / 12:33 pm

    That is one case that has me very troubled. Sadly there are many missing Families but none reported that might be THIS Family. They could be from Canada, or anywhere else for that matter. They could have lived a transient or Commune type of a lifestyle. There might not be Birth Certificates if those were home deliveries. I just can’t imagine no one missing them, unless, of course no one knew about them in the first place.

  2. burt February 10, 2013 / 8:37 pm

    I’m sorry you’re not feeling so well. But I need the updates, please.

  3. Aniela February 12, 2013 / 10:33 am

    The unidentifieds case is very puzzling. Adding to the strangeness is that one of the little girls (the older one in the second barrel) apparently was not related to the other three people, who do seem to have been a family. Maybe she was adopted or a foster child, or maybe all four of them were castoffs from some cult? The cult scenario is hard to believe, but it would explain why none of them were reported missing.

    • Meaghan February 12, 2013 / 11:23 am

      I’m wondering if the one her little girl is a half-sibling to the other two children, on her father’s side. I think they used mitochondrial DNA to test if the bodies were related, and it’s my understanding that mitochondrial DNA only establishes relatives along the maternal line. So if the child had a different mother than the others, maybe the testing wouldn’t show it.

  4. Lyndsay February 17, 2013 / 11:51 pm

    Or maybe the missing children, with their mother were reported missing as a Family Abduction, with the mother as the abductor, to throw suspicion off the dad? The Yates case nearby in Rhode Island, where 2 daughters and their mother (Kimberly, Kelly, and Elaine their mom ) went missing in August 1985, would seem to fit – but one of the daughters was a 10 month old, so she doesn’t fit with the children found. (The other was a 4 year old blonde girl).

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