An idea

There are a few instances where, when I update a case, I don’t announce it on the updates page. Like, if it’s some really tiny little insignificant thing basically. And also adding alternative heights and weights, because there are so many of those. (By which I mean: if someone didn’t have a listed HW at all, and I find one, I’ll announce that on the updates page. But if someone’s listed as 5’4 and then I find another source saying he’s 5’6, thereby causing me to change the height to “5’4 – 5’6”, I don’t announce that.)

Anyway. I was wondering if I should put “added dates of birth” to my list of things I don’t announce on the updates page. Because it’s not something most people notice, and it’s not going to be of much use to anyone trying to identify a body.

This has come up cause the NCMEC just added a poster for Linda Lee St. Germaine that includes her date of birth but no new information. Given that I have a ton of updates to put up anyway — and I’ve vowed henceforth to do a maximum of twenty per day — I wonder if it’s worth announcing this.

Facts, anyone?

Got computer back yesterday afternoon

And now I have a ton of work to catch up on. I’ve got 81 emails in my inbox, almost all of them Charley-related. I suppose I’ll update today, though I don’t much feel like doing too much. I’m not feeling too well. I’ve got a sore throat and my back is killing me for some reason and my head still hurts. (Not very much. I am trying not to think about it.) M.F. has got bronchitis, really bad, and has been miserable for a week or more. He’s taking antibiotics but he’s getting worse instead of better. Tis the season…