I really must make business cards

Every once in awhile — and this has been going on for years — I tell myself I really ought to make a set of official Charley Project business cards and carry them around to give to people. But I never have. Just can’t spare the time to make a trip to OfficeMax, I guess.

I tell so many people about my site, strangers. Most recently the Best Buy clerk I gave my broken computer to. She asked if I’d backed up my files and I said, “What matters is backed up. I run a huge missing persons database.” She was interested and said she was studying criminal justice at college, so I told her a few stories. I told her I believe Charley is, in terms of number of cases, the second-largest database that there was. And that it was until relatively recently the first largest, and seeing as how that space is currently occupied by a database run by the federal government, I didn’t think I was doing too bad. And I wrote the URL on the back of a receipt and gave it to her.

I’ve done receipts, napkins, everything like that. I really must make a set of business cards. I figure just twenty or so should last a year or more.

I really must get around to doing this.