Computer update

I finally sent the stupid computer off for repairs today. I had taken it to Best Buy, and spent an HOUR with them begging them to take it, and they claimed they could find no evidence that I’d bought the computer at Best Buy, and so they weren’t going to fix it. I gave them all sorts of information, practically handed over my Social Security number, and nada.

So I called Asus, the manufacturer, and gave them the serial number. So they confirmed it was under warranty and said mail it in — at my own expense — and they’d fix it.

This morning I went to the post office to do so. I was at Mom’s place and it’s a tiny sneeze-and-you-miss it town with an equally tiny post office. They didn’t have even a box big enough to fit my computer in. The guy suggested I drive to Lima (a 45 minute drive), and go to the UPS store. He added that he’d had to mail a computer in once and just the box, with the padding and stuff, had cost like $15.

I got mad. I walked back to Mom’s house. I called Best Buy’s main customer service hotline. THEY found the receipt in like five minutes. All I had to give them was my credit card number and the month I’d purchased the computer. They emailed me the receipt.

I drove back to Fort Wayne and to the Best Buy store again. They found my receipt in like two minutes. Go figure. They accepted my computer and I was in and out in less than ten minutes.

And now we wait. While my emails pile up. I’m still here; I can use my boyfriend’s computer if needs be. I’m reachable. But probably no updates till February.