For the second week of January

The new spotlighted missing person of the week is David Alexander Marko, a family abduction case. I don’t have much on him but he’s been missing for twenty years come April. He was taken by his mother at the age of three and they may be in Mexico, possibly skipping back and forth across the border in Texas.

Next week I’ll probably implement the whole bi-gendered case-of-the-week thing, since y’all responded with such enthusiasm.

One thought on “For the second week of January

  1. Jeannee January 8, 2013 / 9:20 pm

    As always, thank you for all your work! There are very interesting writings in the comments section here: ttps:// … This person would now be an adult – can he find his way back to his original family — or is his mind too filled /w poison???

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