For the second week of January

The new spotlighted missing person of the week is David Alexander Marko, a family abduction case. I don’t have much on him but he’s been missing for twenty years come April. He was taken by his mother at the age of three and they may be in Mexico, possibly skipping back and forth across the border in Texas.

Next week I’ll probably implement the whole bi-gendered case-of-the-week thing, since y’all responded with such enthusiasm.

Confession in Carol Lubahn case

From Carl (thanks buddy!): Michael Clark, who was convicted of murdering his wife Carol Lubahn last fall, has confessed to the murder, after over 30 years of denials and covering-ups. The prosecution had said they thought he just snapped and killed Carol, and they viewed him as a decent person who once did a terrible thing. You could make the argument that his three decades of lies and telling the children their mother had abandoned them was a far worse sin than the killing itself, if it happened the way the prosecution thinks it did.


Monday, two months after a Torrance jury dismissed Clark’s own testimony about how his wife left him March 31, 1981, never to be heard from again, Clark finally confessed, telling a prosecutor and detectives that he killed the 26-year-old woman in a rage at home. He hid her body in their garage, and later tied it to cinder blocks and submerged it off the Rancho Palos Verdes coast. […]

The hope is that some 50 divers expected to search for Carol Meyer Lubahn’s remains will find something to return to her family for proper burial. “Even if all we get is a cinder block, they want it,” [Deputy District Attorney John] Lewin told Torrance Superior Court Judge Eric Taylor. “They want something.”

At first, Michael said he shoved Carol during an argument and she fell, hit her head on a table and died. (Funny how many people with homicidal spouses tend to die in freak accidents like that. I mean, it’s certainly possible to die from hitting your head on a table after a short fall, but it’s hardly likely.) Later on he changed the story and said he punched Carol hard in the face and THEN she fell and hit her head on the table. Shrug. I doubt that’s what happened either. But the point is, he killed her, and finally he admits it.