I got another one of those emails

“Why is it called the Charley Project?” they ask.

And I feel like answering, “Why don’t you read the FAQ?”

This is the second time this week.


One thought on “I got another one of those emails

  1. Peter Henderson January 5, 2013 / 9:39 am


    I know those type of questions must drive you nuts but as knowledge of the Charley Project grows you will get more of them.

    At the same time I know you don’t want to be impolite, even if the question makes you scream. One way to save time and your sanity would be to do a list of the six or eight most frequently asked questions and create a standard reply for each one. Then in the future all you would have to do is look up your file for XYZ question and send it.

    This is what I did for the question “why are you interests in xyz missing person?” Frequently when you are cold e-mailing about a missing person their family and friends are justifiably a bit suspicious. So I created a standard reply to put them at ease, then the only thing I need to do is individualize it to fit the specific missing person. In your case the standard reply without and changes should suffice.

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