Muttergrumble. I hate you, Best Buy.

I hauled the computer in to Best Buy today to see about getting it fixed. Then out I came, an hour later, still carrying the computer and in a rather rotten mood. Best Buy, you see, can find no record of my purchase in their system (they couldn’t find my computer in their computer, in other words) and, as I lacked the receipt, they refused to repair the laptop without proof that I’d bought it from them. I suppose it’s my fault for misplacing the receipt, but I don’t understand why I’m not in their system. They seemed to be just as puzzled by it as I was.

Anyway, I called ASUS, the computer’s manufacturer. THEY had no problem finding me (or, rather, my computer) in their system. As it was purchased less than a year ago, they promised to fix it for free, but this means I’ll have to pack it and send it in myself. They said it would take 10 to 14 business days.

It would be just my luck if the computer got lost or damaged in the mail or something. My friend Jeff (the guy I stayed with in Washington DC) once received in the mail a charred corner of a letter-sized envelope inside a little plastic baggie with a note attached from the post office saying “We’re sorry your mail was damaged in shipment.” He wasn’t upset about it, but wondered what in the world happened.

Another “damaged mail” anecdote: you know how the mailman is supposed to deliver the mail, rain or shine, no matter what? Well, there was one of those “going postal” episodes in I think Oklahoma where a recently fired postal worker shot up the post office and killed several people and made a big mess. If I recall correctly, the very next day, the other postal workers at the office were back to work, delivering blood-soaked, gore-spattered letters to the citizenry. No joke.

But I digress. Muttergrumble.

And on top of everything else, I watched The Aristocats last night and that stupid “Everybody Wants to be a Cat” song is stuck in my head.