Oh, and I forgot to say

The new MP of the week is Rose Marie Bly, a 21-year-old married mother of two who disappeared from St. Croix Falls, Wisconsin on August 21, 2009. Her car was found abandoned. It’s anyone’s guess what happened to her. No real evidence of foul play, but it doesn’t look like she ran away either. St. Croix Falls is a town of around two thousand people, smack on the Minnesota border.

Does anyone scuba dive?

I was updating the case of an MP who disappeared while scuba diving and is presumed to have drowned. I’ve gotten a clothing/jewelry description: the standard scuba gear, wetsuit, mask, tank, etc. But some things puzzled me. For one, it says the MP was wearing diving boots and fins. I don’t understand how a person can wear both at the same time. There was also an “80 lb tank” which also seems unlikely to me. Would a scuba oxygen tank really weigh that much?

But then again I’ve never been scuba-diving in my life and I doubt I ever will, seeing as how I only dog-paddle and am kind of scared of water. So I toss my question into the vast sea of knowledge that comprises the internet. Can any Charley Project blog readers clear this matter up for me?

Writing up the first updates of the year

And boy, do I have some special ones for you:

1. Four MPs who were essentially murdered through the negligence and greed of an evil, corrupt tax-evading real estate developer who bribed a public official to keep dam inspectors away. He’s been putting off his manslaughter trial through various means for the past five years, probably hoping he’ll die first, which he might very do, seeing as how he’s in his eighties.
2. One of the most convoluted and DEFINITELY the very weirdest case I’ve ever done, out of Arizona in 1991.
3. Most of the murder-without-a-body updates that had been piling up.
4. An elderly woman and her son who were reported missing something like 30 years after they were last seen.
5. And more!