At this point I have like 100 or so updated cases already written and ready to be posted and around the same number still awaiting my attention. (Not to mention new cases.) For updates, I usually add new/updated age-progressions and anything murder-without-a-body related (like, new charges, or the trial’s outcome) in front of other updates. That aside, when it comes to which updates get posted first, which, in the opinion of Charley’s viewers, is preferable?

Justice for Rilya?

As all of you probably know by now, Geralyn Graham was convicted of child abuse and kidnapping in the disappearance of Rilya Wilson, but the jury deadlocked on the murder charge. Eleven to one. I’m assuming it was eleven to one in favor of conviction, but they won’t say. I was afraid she would be acquitted outright. The case against her was so weak, even though we all know she did it.

It looks like the prosecutor won’t retry on the murder charge. It kind of makes more sense not to: the case has dragged on for so long and cost so much taxpayer money. A murder conviction means a life sentence, but the charges Graham has already been convicted of, according to the article I linked to, could mean 30 years or more in jail, and I see no reason why the judge would go easy on her. Geralyn Graham is now 67 years old, so that would basically be a life sentence anyway.

Poor Rilya. As I pointed out before, her name may have been an acronym for “Remember I Love You Always” but I don’t think anyone loved her while she was alive.


Got an email from a fan:

As a map geek of sorts, have you ever mapped out the last known locations of the missing persons on your list? I believe it could be a very valuable tool in linking victims, especially when cases involve towns near county, state, and country borders. If you don’t do this, do you know of any other website that provides this mapping sort of information?

That sounds like an excellent idea.

Finally updated

Ten updates (all of them APs), five new cases, and fifteen resolves. Actually, I have a lot more than fifteen resolves, but fifteen was a lot and it neatly filled up a resolved page, so I figure I’ll do the rest next update.

It’s Tuesday. The new MP of the week is Maria Trinidad Velasquez, age 29, missing from Houston, Texas since 1986. I’ve got nothing on her.

An idea

There are a few instances where, when I update a case, I don’t announce it on the updates page. Like, if it’s some really tiny little insignificant thing basically. And also adding alternative heights and weights, because there are so many of those. (By which I mean: if someone didn’t have a listed HW at all, and I find one, I’ll announce that on the updates page. But if someone’s listed as 5’4 and then I find another source saying he’s 5’6, thereby causing me to change the height to “5’4 – 5’6”, I don’t announce that.)

Anyway. I was wondering if I should put “added dates of birth” to my list of things I don’t announce on the updates page. Because it’s not something most people notice, and it’s not going to be of much use to anyone trying to identify a body.

This has come up cause the NCMEC just added a poster for Linda Lee St. Germaine that includes her date of birth but no new information. Given that I have a ton of updates to put up anyway — and I’ve vowed henceforth to do a maximum of twenty per day — I wonder if it’s worth announcing this.

Facts, anyone?

Got computer back yesterday afternoon

And now I have a ton of work to catch up on. I’ve got 81 emails in my inbox, almost all of them Charley-related. I suppose I’ll update today, though I don’t much feel like doing too much. I’m not feeling too well. I’ve got a sore throat and my back is killing me for some reason and my head still hurts. (Not very much. I am trying not to think about it.) M.F. has got bronchitis, really bad, and has been miserable for a week or more. He’s taking antibiotics but he’s getting worse instead of better. Tis the season…

Closing arguments in Rilya Wilson trial

At long last, the protracted Rilya Wilson case is drawing to a close: closing arguments are today in the murder trial of her foster mom, Geralyn Graham. The defense is going for reasonable doubt. The prosecution’s case is weak.

We all know Geralyn Graham killed that little girl. But did they prove it? I really don’t know.