Found family abduction mom’s website

I just discovered the website of Deana Hebert, mother of Bianca Lozano. Bianca’s one of Charley’s older family abduction cases: she was abducted by her father from Baytwon, Texas in 1995, when she wasn’t even two, and presumably taken to Mexico. Her parents were in the middle of a contentious divorce at the time. Wherever she is today, Bianca is now nineteen years old.

Bianca’s mom filed a lawsuit against the baby’s father’s family, accusing them of aiding and abetting his abduction — and it looks like they did do that. She said the suit wasn’t about money but about trying to force them to reveal where Bianca was. In any case, it failed.

It’s a good site and I’ll use it as a source to update her casefile. Deana Hebert has waited a long time. I don’t understand why people can be so selfish and vindictive as to kidnap a child just to get back at their ex. I hope Bianca finds her mom on Facebook or something and they reconnect. Wherever she is today, she’s nineteen now and a legal adult.


2 thoughts on “Found family abduction mom’s website

  1. forthelost December 31, 2012 / 11:01 am

    Victoria Lopez gives me hope here.

  2. Elisabeth August 16, 2013 / 9:09 am

    Bianca’s mom’s website has been updated and says they now know she’s using the name Fabiola “Nina” Suarez Elizondo. Apparently her dad won’t let her use social media, wonder why. There’s more info and pictures here:

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