Unusual email from the other day

I got an email from someone who said she was a big fan, had been reading Charley for years, and asked why I hadn’t updated in so long, was I okay, etc. Understandably puzzled, I wrote back asking if she had not seen the big notice plastered across the top of the updates page.

It turned out she hadn’t, no. She never went to the updates page, you see. She only looked at the frontpage for the missing person of the week, and at the resolved section.

*scratches head* To each their own, I guess.

Anyway, I reassured her I’d be back in January.

ET entry out of Japan

Kojiro Asakura, a property assessor who slaughtered an entire family — mom, dad and three children under the age of ten — cause they wouldn’t move out of the house he bought. The sole survivor was the oldest child, who was away at camp. He committed his crime in 1983 but wasn’t executed until 2001. I guess it’s quite similar to the case of John Gilman from two weeks ago, except in Gilman’s case, the family he killed were living in their house legally.

Fun fact: in Japan, people on death row aren’t informed in advance of their execution date. They find out in the morning when the guard comes to their cell to say, “Today you die.” Their families aren’t informed either, until afterwards, when they get a call to come get the body. Seems kinda cruel and unusual to me.