Siblings who disappeared together

A list of siblings who vanished together — not family abductions. I do include sibs who vanished with their parents, though. Probably not complete; these are just the only ones I can think of and I’m too lazy to look for any more right now.

Jamal Abdul’Faruq, 7, and Basil Abdul’Faruq, 8 (not listed as he was found deceased three days later)

Deion Tremayne Akemon, 32, and William Larry Roland, 22

Lillian Annette Anderson, 11, and Mylette Josephine Anderson, 6

Monica Arellano, 7 and Victor Arellano, 2

Michael Anthony Bennett, 14, and Monica Renita Bennett, 15

Barry Michael Brown, 6, Brandon Mitchell Brown, 2, and Sheketah Michelle Brown, 10

A.J. Campbell Jr., 11 months, and Myrisha Faye Campbell, 3

Ignacio Dejesus Cantua, 7, and Maria Teresa Cantua, 4

Amy Lee Fandel, 8, and Scott Curtis Fandel, 13

Michelle Renee Giusti, 1, and Clara Arleen Giusti, 10 months (not listed as there’s no photo available)

Julie Anne Guthrie, 6, and Timothy Patrick Guthrie, 3

Sarena Natoya Glenn, 9, and twins Brent Nicholas Hughes and Brenttany Nicole Hughes, 4

Francisco Granados, 18, and Jose Martin Granados, 21

Joel Hoag, 13, and William Hoag, 11

Michelle Houchman, 15, and Mitchel Salomon, 9 (not listed as there’s no photo available)

Michael Lloyd Johnson, 10 months, and Sheri Lynn Johnson, 4

Faloma Luhk, 10, and Maleina Quitugua Luhk, 9

Katherine Mary Lyon, 10, and Sheila Mary Lyon, 12

Violet Bobbie Matory, 9, Ivy Matory, 12, and Yolanda Marie Williams, 7

Michael Mayfield, 6, and Pamela Mayfield, 5

Jonathan Mordoche, 8, and Mario Mordoche, 11

Crystal Lynn Ortega, 13 and, and Misty Dawn Ortega, 15

Daniel Borje Santiago, 7, and Noel Borje Santiago, 11

Betty Dolly Sodder, 5, Jennie Irene Sodder, 8, Louis Erico Sodder, 9, Martha Lee Sodder, 12, and Maurice Antonio Sodder, 14

Fannie Fawn Stewart, 1 and Jessie Flo Stewart, 2

Andrew Thompson, 8, and Everett Thompson Jr., 11

Reagan Cordell Uden, 10, and Richard Loren Uden, 11

Alan John Westerfield, 7, and Terry Lee Westerfield, 11

Diana Moon Yoli, 7, and Mark Eugene Yoli, 2 (not listed as there’s no photo available)

Honorable mentions:
Jeremiah Johnson, 8, and Joshua Johnson, 10: Was a family abduction but their abducting father was found without them and has refused to say where they are. Beyond that I have no info.

Francheska Sugel Martinez and Misheila Isleen Martinez: Twins who actually disappeared six weeks apart (Francheska at age 12, and Misheila after their 13th birthday) but are believed to be together.

Billy Sena, 11, and Mary Lou Sena, 9: Not siblings but cousins.

Alexander William Skelton, 7, Andrew Ryan Skelton, 9, and Tanner Lucas Skelton, 5: Another case where the non-custodial parent made off with them, turned up alone and won’t say where they’re at. They’re probably dead.

John Umich, 3, April Stevens, 8, and Christopher Stevens, 10 (April and Christopher were found safe in 2012): This is family abduction case, but the mother had a warrant out for her arrest on charges of cruelty to a child leading to injury or death. I’m not sure whether the warrant is still active or whether she was located at the same time her other two children were.

8 thoughts on “Siblings who disappeared together

  1. libraryjobber December 22, 2012 / 2:12 pm

    Also Flora and Martha Helmick from Virginia in 1973.

  2. Cattt December 23, 2012 / 2:59 am

    Wow, these lists are crazy when you put them together like that.

  3. Peter Henderson December 23, 2012 / 8:09 am

    As a parent, I cannot imagine what my mom has dealt with for all of these years. Hopefully, through this newly found blessing, some amount of closure can come to her. Love and hug your kids today, for you never know what tomorrow may

  4. Peter Henderson December 23, 2012 / 8:10 am

    Sorry It only copied part of the post. I just got this Facebook post from Phil Robertson, the half brother of A.J. Campbell Jr., and Myrisha Faye Campbell

    Finally after 15 years of letters, emails, voice mails, and just general hounding and never giving up; and being told the documents didn’t exist anymore; I received almost 300 docs this morning from the original investigation from the State of Texas.

    This may not sound like a big deal, but it is HUGE and a tremendous victory. Now, for the first time, all of the theories as to what happened can start to be put in place. I no longer have to rely on old newspaper clippings and hearsay. I have accurate names, places, times, statements, photos, etc. that will help us piece this together.

    As a parent, I cannot imagine what my mom has dealt with for all of these years. Hopefully, through this newly found blessing, some amount of closure can come to her. Love and hug your kids today, for you never know what tomorrow may bring.

  5. Hopex June 17, 2018 / 2:58 pm

    None of these links work? Have they expired?!

    • Meaghan June 17, 2018 / 2:59 pm

      The site got redesigned early this year with new everything.

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