Since I’m in a list-making mood tonight, I thought I would do a list of MPs who are twins, whether or not they both went missing. I’d add other multiples (triplets etc.) but can’t find any. The idea for this list is credited to my dear friend Annie Keller.

I’m sure these aren’t the only twins listed on Charley; these are just the only ones I know about.

Jennifer Bautista and Stephanie Bautista
Israel Haim Bordaty and Yoshua Itai Bordaty
Casey Joanna Brooks, had an unnamed twin sister who died at birth
Jonathan Alexander Camacho, his brother’s name is Jason
Diane Hugette Dumais, has an unnamed twin sister
James Robert Dougherty Farenthold, had a twin brother named Vincent who died in an accident at age 4
Lance Sterling Fernandez and Mason Christopher Fernandez
Martha Leanne Green, her brother’s name is Lawson
Johnnie Joe Herrera, his brother’s name is Joe
Brent Nicholas Hughes and Brenttany Nicole Hughes
Albert Philip Jacob and Alfred William Jacob
A’Shia Monique Jenkins, has an unnamed twin sister
Nadia Kira Kersh, her sister’s name is Vira
John J. Markley, had an unnamed twin sister who died of cancer two days before his disappearance
Carolyn Sue Martin, her brother’s name is Timothy
Franceska Sugel Martinez and Misheila Isleen Martinez
Deanna Michelle Merryfield, her sister’s name is Rebecca
Gerald Rihlmann, had a twin brother named Charlie who died the year before Gerald disappeared
Angel Torres-Irizarry, has an unnamed twin brother
Afif Hassan Trabulsy, his sister’s name is Serena
Logan Lynn Tucker, had an unnamed twin sister who died at birth
Alicia Breann Versluis, her sister’s name is Ebony
Jerome Louis White; his brother is Tyrone