MPs missing after a homicide

A list of people on Charley where the person they were with was found murdered and the MP is presumed abducted and/or killed by the killer(s). It’s sad to note that most of these are children.

In some of the cases in this list, the dead person’s cause of death could not be determined and I just make a judgement call whether he/she was probably murdered or not. Also, the dead person wasn’t necessarily found right away. The usual “this may list not be complete” caveat applies.

Lauria Jaylene Bible and Ashley Renee Freeman
Tabitha Diane Brewer
Carlene Brown
Andre Terrence Bryant
Gebar J. Byrd Jr.
Rosa Marie Camacho
Christina Lynn Carter
Allyson Kathleen Dalton
Delfina Soledad Esiquio Guzman
Zaylee Grace Fryar
Elizabeth Funchess
Anwar Green
Ranee Ann Gregor
Shemaeah Nicole Gunnell
Linda June Hamilton
Todd Jay Hanson
Betty Lou Japel
Melody Ann Jones
Robin Ann Kerry
Jeffrey Allen Klungness
Sir-Kristopher Clayton Marshall, Ivy Matory, Violet B. Matory and Yolanda Marie Williams
Jay-Quan Lyndarius Mosley
Cesar A. Ortiz
Tyler Christopher Payne
Karen Reinert and Michael Reinert
Bernard Wright Rusness and Peggy Joyce Parmenter
Carol Sue Skidmore
Danyel Lou Sparpana
Brandi Jondell Summers and Tiffani Claudette Wise
Jaqueline Szczepanik and Vanderlei Szczepanik
Shannon Dale Verhage
Chance Lee Wackerhagen
Rebecca Elizabeth West
George Gilbert White
Kaidena Lozelle Wood
Jesse Work


2 thoughts on “MPs missing after a homicide

  1. Justin April 7, 2013 / 6:52 pm

    One person whom I wondered from time to time if someone would post a missing person profile on would be Jenny Soo Chin, age 46, who was abducted and murdered on January 5, 1982 in Ridgewood, Queens, New York. Her body was never recovered. Her abandoned, blood-stained car was discovered six days later and a .22 caliber shell casing was found inside.

    She worked as an assistant to Lena Margaret Barbera at the Candor Diamond Corp. and was involved in fraud. The owner of the Candor Diamond Corp. was in on it and Barbera was a Federal witness against the owner. He hired someone to have them killed. The assassin, messed up and had to kill three CBS technicians who were walking to their cars to their cars in the parking lot apparently who witnessed the abduction of Barbera on April 12, 1982. She was found dead the next day.

    There was a book written about it called The CBS Murders and I think they had some photographs of her. I saw some photographs of her on the TV episode titled Heart of Stone on Power, Privilege & Justice with Dominick Dunne.

  2. Joey M Harrison January 29, 2017 / 12:19 am

    No body wants Brandi Jondell Summers Ford Alive. I know I’visited tried

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