Missing babies

A list of all missing babies (under the age of two) on Charley that are not classified as family abductions. (Which isn’t to say that family members aren’t responsible for some of these disappearances.) In some cases these children disappeared with siblings, parents and/or other relatives.

Christopher Enoch Abeyta, 7 months
Jarkeius Adside, 12 months
Sabrina Paige Aisenberg, 4 months
Aaron Mitchell Anderson, 21 months
Acacia Patience Bishop, 18 months
David Ezell Blockett, 2 weeks
Robert James Bowling, 3 months
Andrew Lee Brown, 18 months
Andre Terrence Bryant, 1 month
Gebar J. Byrd Jr., 23 months
A.J. Campbell Jr., 11 months
Vivian Paola Montanez Castellanos, 22 months
Jamaree Clarence Coleman, 2 months
Jasmine Kirlissa Collins, 7 months
Ashley Nicole Conroy, 7 months
Annalycia Marie Cruz, 7 months
Jeremy Lee Dages, 4 months
Allyson Kathleen Dalton, 2 months
Joshua Jayvaughn Davis Jr., 16 months
Selah Davis, 3 months
Lauryn Dickens, 9 months
Bryan Dos Santos-Gomes, 3 months
Sean Dubs, 15 months
Alexander Ferguson, 2 months
Elizabeth Funchess, 6 months
Zaylee Grace Fryar, 3 months
Gillian Grace Gandha, 20 months
Katie Michelle Gray, 10 months
Leon Antony Green, 13 months
Raymond Lamar Green, 5 days
Michelle Renee Giusti, 23 months
Royce Henson, 17 months
Shausha Latine Henson, 2 months, and her sister Shaina Ashly Kirkpatrick, 23 months
Melissa Suzanne Highsmith, 21 months
Frederick Andrew Holmes, 22 months
Dontray Miquel Hunter, 23 months
Joseph Hurtado, 20 months
Lisa Irwin, 10 months
A’Shia Monique Jenkins, 2 months
Amir D’Rod Jennings, 16 months
Gabriel Scott Johnson, 7 months
Michael Lloyd Johnson, 10 months
Shannon Patrick Ketron, 7 months
Kelsi Jordan Krum, 7 months
Ta’Niyah Monique Leonard, 11 months
Wyatt Cole Little Light, 1 month
Sherise Lachelle Magee, 19 months
Skyla Marburger, 3 months
Melissa Diane McGuinn, 7 months
Alexandra Marie McIntire, 7 months
Donel Jacoby Minor, 2 months
Kamiyah Mobley, 1 day
Jay-Quan Lyndarius Mosley, 9 months
Isabella M. Pastrana, 1 year
Jayson Nathaniel Pearce, 15 months
Katherine Shelbie-Elizabeth Phillips, 4 months
Cindy Marilyn Ray, 4 months
Katelyn Selena Rivera-Helton, 19 months
Bonita Karen Sanders, 23 months
Deborah Lyyn Sanders, 23 months
Marlene Santana, 3 days
Marlon Devine Santos, 5 months
Joshua Keshaba Sierra Garcia, 19 months
Daniel Stephen Spangle, 22 months
Dwight Stallings, 10 or 11 months
Aleacia Di’onne Stancil, 9 months
Fannie Fawn Stewart, 23 months
Tavish Sutton, 1 month
Vinyette Trudy Teague, 18 months
Jamie Martin Thornton, 22 months
Angel Torres-Irizarry, 22 months
Jacqueline Vasquez, 3 months
Saure Blizhaid Sanchez Vega, 1 month
Shannon Dale Verhage, 11 months
Shane Anthony Walker, 19 months
Daisja Marie Weaver, 9 months
Lydia White, 4 months
Shawn White, 1 month
April Nicole Williams, 3 months
Olisa Susan Williams, 10 months

MPs missing after a homicide

A list of people on Charley where the person they were with was found murdered and the MP is presumed abducted and/or killed by the killer(s). It’s sad to note that most of these are children.

In some of the cases in this list, the dead person’s cause of death could not be determined and I just make a judgement call whether he/she was probably murdered or not. Also, the dead person wasn’t necessarily found right away. The usual “this may list not be complete” caveat applies.

Lauria Jaylene Bible and Ashley Renee Freeman
Tabitha Diane Brewer
Carlene Brown
Andre Terrence Bryant
Gebar J. Byrd Jr.
Rosa Marie Camacho
Christina Lynn Carter
Allyson Kathleen Dalton
Delfina Soledad Esiquio Guzman
Zaylee Grace Fryar
Elizabeth Funchess
Anwar Green
Ranee Ann Gregor
Shemaeah Nicole Gunnell
Linda June Hamilton
Todd Jay Hanson
Betty Lou Japel
Melody Ann Jones
Robin Ann Kerry
Jeffrey Allen Klungness
Sir-Kristopher Clayton Marshall, Ivy Matory, Violet B. Matory and Yolanda Marie Williams
Jay-Quan Lyndarius Mosley
Cesar A. Ortiz
Tyler Christopher Payne
Karen Reinert and Michael Reinert
Bernard Wright Rusness and Peggy Joyce Parmenter
Carol Sue Skidmore
Danyel Lou Sparpana
Brandi Jondell Summers and Tiffani Claudette Wise
Jaqueline Szczepanik and Vanderlei Szczepanik
Shannon Dale Verhage
Chance Lee Wackerhagen
Rebecca Elizabeth West
George Gilbert White
Kaidena Lozelle Wood
Jesse Work