What is it with MWAB cases lately?

The past few months have seen a flurry of murder-without-a-body (hereby christened “MWAB”) cases. They just keep coming down the track one after another. I’m glad prosecutors are getting bolder about these; I only hope they can prove their cases.

Here’s a rundown of all the recent ones I know about, that aren’t mentioned on Charley yet:

In September, longtime suspect Steven Lorenzo was charged with the murder of Jason Galehouse, who disappeared in 2003 from Florida.
In October, Vernon and Deborah Calloway were charged with the murder of Patricia Calloway. who disappeared in 1993 from Kentucky. They were her ex-siblings-in-law.
Also in October, William Cumber was charged with the murder of Sabine Musil-Buehler, who’s been missing from Florida since 2008. Cumber was her boyfriend.
In November, Danny Ross Giles was charged with the murder of Tracey Brazzel, who vanished from Washington in 1995. He was also charged with the murder of another local young woman who disappeared around the same time and was found a week later.
Also in November, Chester Price was charged with the murder of Andrea Gail Parsons. She’s been missing from Florida since 1994.
This month, Ed Henline Sr. and his son Ed Jr. were charged with the murder of Hannah Zaccaglini, as I previously noted on this blog. Hannah’s been missing from California since 1997.
Also this month, Leila Mulla and Dalton Dunnagan have been charged with the murder of Gary Kergan, who disappeared from Louisiana in 1984. They had actually been arrested for his murder right after it happened, but released for lack of evidence.

Also, in November, Dion Kaseta was convicted of manslaughter in the case of Kimberly Mimmovich, who’s been missing from Florida since 2001. He was her boyfriend.
And the trial in the Rilya Wilson case is ongoing.

I think that’s all of them.

Chafing at this to be over already

I might have predicted I couldn’t stay away from Charley for long and already I wish this vacation was over and I could get back to doing daily updates. I’ve got three weeks left. But I’ve been squirreling away updates to post, and new cases too. Found some very compelling MP stories: most recently, seven people (four of them still missing) who were basically murdered by an evil real estate developer who’s a multimillionaire and has been using his wealth and influence to postpone his criminal trial for the past four years. He’s in his eighties and may very well die before he faces justice, which is what I think he wants.

Anyway, I had quite a pile of updated cases to post, over 150 of them, and decided to take care of some of that now. Any case where the update was only the addition of a picture — either the regular kind of picture, or an AP — I just put up. 62 in all. I’m too lazy to write up all their names so I took a screenshot of the folder the files are in. Have a look here.