Missing people who were adopted

I thought I’d make a list of MPs who were adopted. This isn’t meant to be any commentary for or against adoption, I just thought it would make an interesting list. This is probably not complete. I might have missed a few, and there are probably MPs on Charley that I don’t know were adopted. The list includes both children and adults, and includes people who were adopted by relatives or stepparents.

Yasmin Rayon Acree
Brian Roy Barton
Laurence Kailanii Brannum
Niki Diane Britten
Lynda Lee Bronaugh
Casey Joanna Brooks
Carlene Brown
Austin Eugene Bryant and Edward Dylan Bryant
James Arthur Cole
Elizabeth A. Eisel
Adam Joseph Herrman
Barbara Ann Johnson-Willard
Nadia Kira Kersh
Clifton Patrick Leonard
Jonelle Renee Matthews
Mistie Nicole Murray
Jaliek L. Rainwalker
Jason Donald Reynolds
Alissa Marie Turney
David Warner