Yay, I might have helped someone

Since last summer I’ve been following the blog of Rob Gorski, who has an ailing wife and three autistic sons. Their life is hard, to say the least, basically bouncing from one crisis to the next, but they keep on keeping on. Anyway, one of Rob’s wife Lizze’s many health problems is a migraine that has persisted, more or less, for a year. Of course she’s miserable. The family lives close to Cleveland — or closer than I do, anyway — and had a consult about the headache there yesterday. I was not surprised to learn that Lizze had been recommended for the IMATCH program.

I posted saying it was a wonderful thing and Lizze would probably benefit greatly by it, though of course it will be hard with Rob having to handle the kids by himself during the three weeks she’ll be gone. Lizzie is apprehensive about the program so I sent them a message describing my own experience and some of the stuff she’ll likely have to go through, etc, while emphasizing that I cannot praise them enough. IMATCH made me into Meaghan again. In fact, Michael says I’m actually better now than I was BEFORE the headache started; in other words, the program had some therapeutic effect besides dealing with the pain.

Anyway, I hope my message is helpful to Lizze. I really admire her and Rob; I could never do what they do.

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