A year ago today…

…and right around this time in the evening, I took an overdose of prescription painkillers whilst in a state of headache-agony-induced madness. And then there followed consequences, including but not limited to wetting my bed, cutting my hand, and having to convince the ER and my psychiatrist that it hadn’t been a suicide attempt.

My life is loads better now, and not just because the Headache is gone. I think I’ve experienced great emotional growth and maturation over the past year. Certainly my life is not exactly smooth-sailing at the moment, but I’ve learned a lot of coping skills and social skills and other stuff.

And today I completed my reading challenge for 2012: a mere 200 books read. (Though of course the year ain’t over yet.) Assuming that for the next six weeks I keep reading at more or less the same pace I have all this year, this will be the smallest number of books read in a year since I started keeping track in 2007. However, I think that’s actually a sign of progress: namely, I’ve opened up to new ways to amuse myself and occupy my hands and my head.

During the Great Headache Crisis, I read at a frantic pace. Second to conversation with a live human being, a good book was the best tool I had for coping with the pain. I read 445 books in 2010 (the GHC began in October) and burned through another 374 in 2011. In January through February of this year (that is, pre-IMATCH), I read 49 books. When I didn’t have a book — and it had to be a good, interesting book, preferably one I hadn’t read before — my mood and my attitude plummeted. I was leaping frantically from book to book to book as if they were exposed boulders in a turbulent rapids I was trying to cross.

I don’t do it anymore. Of course I still read a lot, and love it, but I no longer rate “books” on the same need level as “oxygen.” AND I actually gave myself permission to take a long vacation from Charley. Shocking.

Who am I and what have I done with Meaghan?

Surprise arrest in Zaccaglini case

Today they arrested Ed Henline Sr. for the murder of Hannah Zaccaglini. She was fifteen years old when she disappeared near his home in McCloud, California in 1997. Ed Henline had long been considered a suspect in Hannah’s case but I had no idea they were planning to arrest him. I know they were also looking at Wesley Shermantine.

This article has a current picture of Henline. I can’t find any details about just what evidence they have against him, but I hope it’s enough to make the charge stick. Proving murder without a body is very hard of course, but if you look at my Corpus Delicti listings you’ll see the “convictions” list is more than three times longer than the “acquittals” one.