Missing person vids

I haven’t been blogging lately on account of the vacation I’m taking from Charley. But I wanted to mention that Sean Munger, the guy who runs the official Charley Project Twitter feed, has also started doing YouTube videos about Charley Project MPs.

(If you’re wondering about his YouTube screenname, Sean has a book called Zombies of Byzantium that’s coming out in early 2013.)

As for me, I’m doing pretty good. Chillaxin’ and all that, like I had wanted to do.

One thought on “Missing person vids

  1. courtney November 3, 2012 / 9:49 pm

    I think what you are doing is very nice and means a lot my mother is on your web site i was 14 when she was taken from me i am now 24 with two of my on and i still wait for her to come home.

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