Pregnant women and girls

I thought I’d list Charley’s missing pregnant women and girls today. I don’t need to tell you that some of the girls are shockingly young. Celina Mays was only eleven years old when she got pregnant; I wasn’t even menstruating at that age. Equally depressing is the number of women who are presumed to have met a violent death at the hands of their baby’s father.

Women (over 18)
Christina Lynn Adkins
Constance Jeannette Anderson
Delia B. Baxter
Karen Farmer Beard
Bertha Michelle Burkholder
Hattie Junita Burton
Holly Lynn Davis Calbaugh
Sherry Ann Campbell
Vicki Carriere
Susan Carol Cassell
Guadalupe Barajas Castro
Michelle Ngan Ho Chan
Cynthia D. Coleman
Jan Andre Cotta
Diane Faye Chorba
Erin M. Davis
Bethany Anne Decker
Deborah Dubs
Ashley Marie Eiffert
Jeanette Gomez Espeleta
Angelina Joy Evans
Nikki Lyn Forrest
Ali I’Isha Gilmore
Maria Gomez
Rachel Nicole Good
Shameka M. Gordon-Dixon
DeShanna Denise Gray
Bianca Chanel Green
Angela Marie Hammond
Marchelle Hansen
Angelia Spaulding Hilbert
Judith Carole Himes
Linda Ann House
Shelia Diane Hughes
Crystal Sue Hunt
Tanya Renee Jackson
Lisa Dianne Jameson
Deretha L. Johnson
Amanda Kay Jones
Daphne Philisia Jones
Kristine Kupka
Kimberlie Kay Kantonen
Barbara Ann Larkin
Amparo Lopez
Dorothy Leishman Wood Madden
Maria Antonia Mauricio
Senovia Medina
Penelope Jo Milbourn
Sheri Lynn Muhleman
Jessica Jo O’Grady
Kristi Gwen O’Pry
Ashley Marie Parlier
Victoria Marie Perez
Linda H. Peterson
Sharice Lorraine Pollard
Isabel Maria Quair
Annette Rabino
Susan Renee Riedling
Beverly Gail Sabo
Lisa Magnolia Snelgrove
Lindsay Marie Wells
Amber Lynn Wilde
Aletha Jo Williams

Girls (under 18)
Toni Danieelle Clark, 17
Evelyn Louise Davis, 16
Angela Lee Freeman, 17
Wendy Lynn Huggy, 16
Janteyl Danielle Johnson, 15
Celina Janette Mays, 12
Donna Jean Mezo, 16
Juanita Jean Nelson, 17
Sandra Kay Powell, 16
Rachel Geraldine Pratt, 15
Cindy D. Valle, 15

Possibly pregnant women
Tammie Jane Briley
Mary Margaret Cook
Judith Ann Ehmeke
Shannon Lynn Fischer
Teresa Lyn Fittin
Laura Lee Asynithe Flink
Dawn Christine Haines
Rose Marie Gayhart
Anabell Luvaul Juarez
Tammy Lynn Leppert
Ann Miller
Misty Michelle Mock
Tiwana Tyann Murphy
Elvia Cruz Ortiz
Candice Shields
Lutricia Steele
Consuelo R. Vannausdle
Diane Marie Webb
Debra Ann Wilhite

Possibly pregnant girls
Tracy Ann Byrd, 14
Debra Jean Cole, 12
Jessica Mojica Estrada, 13
Jessica Ann Kinsey, 14
Marjorie Alice Knox, 14
Veronica Emily Martinez, 14
Deborah Ann Quimby, 13
Kathrynn Sholly Seefeldt, 12
Elsa Janell “Lilly” Wind, 13

Missing person vids

I haven’t been blogging lately on account of the vacation I’m taking from Charley. But I wanted to mention that Sean Munger, the guy who runs the official Charley Project Twitter feed, has also started doing YouTube videos about Charley Project MPs.

(If you’re wondering about his YouTube screenname, Sean has a book called Zombies of Byzantium that’s coming out in early 2013.)

As for me, I’m doing pretty good. Chillaxin’ and all that, like I had wanted to do.