Brandi Summers and Tiffani Wise

I was working at trying to update the case of Brandi Summers and Tiffani Wise, who were abducted in 1977 after the murder of their mother. It’s quite complicated and there were a whole bunch of people charged as accessories and my information is quite incomplete. The thing is, I looked up those accessories, and several of them seem to be alive and still living where they lived back when this all happened. One of them has accounts on Facebook and Pinterest. I could contact these people if I wanted to ask WTH happened back in 1977 — not that I would touch that with a ten-foot pole.

From what I know thus far, it looks like no one at all came to justice in this case. I found one conviction of an accessory, and that was overturned. The suspected murderer walked. The guy had been married seven times, which is impressive when you consider he wasn’t even 40 yet, and in addition to allegedly killing Brandi and Tiffani’s mom he also attacked another wife (he was convicted of assault, acquitted of attempted murder), assaulted her again after she got out of the hospital from the first time, and even supposedly attacked his own mother with a knife. I’m not sure where he’s at now. Hopefully locked up somewhere.

Both the girls may still be alive. They were definitely alive as late as three years after their abductions. Brandi had cystic fibrosis, which was terminal in 1977 and still quite nasty even now. She might have died. But there’s no reason to believe Tiffani’s dead. The only question is, where is she now?