Sigh, it’s never enough

I got a message from a guy regarding a family abduction case. He asked me to put him in touch with the searching father because he knew of a private investigator who could help. I replied that I didn’t know how to get in touch with the dad, having never spoken to the man myself. He answered:

ALL THESE *%^#ING PEPLE DO IS PUT INFO ON A SITE. Have no clue as to what they are doing. Just buy a domain name, get money and list people on there. Seems nobody ever does any real searching, just taking money.


I wrote back explaining that I was not paid for my efforts. If anyone ever actually read the FAQ — and it seems no one does — I would probably put in some question like “Do you make money off of your site?” And then the answer being a flat “No.”

The silly thing about it is the kids’ location is known anyway. It’s an international abduction and the problem is not finding them, but getting them back.