Ann Pettway gets 12 years for kidnapping Carlina White

Ann Pettway pleaded guilty in February to the kidnapping of baby Carlina White, who, as everyone and their dog groomer knows, was raised as Ann’s daughter and remained missing for 23 years until she basically found herself on the NCMEC website. Ann wasn’t sentenced until this month — not sure why it took so long — and she got a whooping 12 years in prison for her horrible crime.

It seems fair to me that she ought to have served one day for every day Carlina was missing. But the deed is done. A quote from this article:

Joy White, the mother, said her daughter had found her but: “I still haven’t found my daughter.”

She said she “can’t change how my daughter feels” when she talks about Pettway’s relatives as if they are her own.

“My daughter is here, but she’s not home yet,” she said.

Outside court, Tyson said the sentence “should have been longer,” but White said she was satisfied.

“If they gave her 200 years, it’s still not going to make up for the time my daughter was gone,” she said.

Carlina did not speak at the sentencing. She must feel very conflicted. I know she’s been to therapy and there may be a movie out of this, for which the parties involved have presumably been paid. (Not Pettway though; the law prohibits criminals from making money off of publicizing their crimes in this manner.) Of course the kidnapper claims she’s sorry, but she’s probably a lot more sorry she got caught.

Now that Carlina has been found…where’s Christopher Abeyta? Andre Bryant? Kamiyah Mobley? Donel Minor? Melissa McGuinn? Aleacia Stancil? Little Frederick Holmes from way back in 1955? For that matter where’s Harpreet Paul who disappeared from British Columbia over twenty years ago? And all the others…

A new MP of the week, and resolves

Today’s missing person of the week is Kristal Forrest, a 64-year-old woman who disappeared under suspicious circumstances from Prescott, Arizona in 2009. Someone else turned up driving her car; he had a lot of her other stuff as well. He’s serving a prison term on unrelated charges, but the cops haven’t been able to prove any wrongdoing in Kristal’s disappearance.

There are several cases I need to resolve/remove, but I haven’t done it yet cause I’m lazy.

Joshua Bullock‘s body has been identified; it was found in a shallow grave last month. There was never much doubt as to who the dead person was but I waited anyway. The actual killer is dead, killed in a shootout in June. However, another person has been charged as an accessory; she helped dispose of the body.

Gonzalo De La Cruz, who ran away from Georgia at the age of 16 in 2008, has been found safe. So has Dinora Fabian-Escobar, a runaway from Florida, who was also 16 when she disappeared in 2010.

Angela Dixiano‘s husband, who’d been charged with her murder, has taken a plea and lead the cops to her body. This actually happened in May but I didn’t find out till now.

I’ll get to ’em next update. Or something.