Two resolves: one happy, one not

These two girls are still on the Charley Project, but not for long; next time I update (probably tonight) I’m taking them off.

Katiana Rose Resovich, a seven-year-old girl, was abducted by her mother from Antioch, California back in August 2001. She and her mother, Robin, were located a few days ago when they flew into Dulles Airport in Washington D.C. from Madrid, Spain. Customs officials realized Robin was wanted for kidnapping and placed her under arrest:

“Parental kidnapping is a serious offense that deprives a person of their parental rights. Regardless of the circumstances in this arrest warrant, Mrs. Resovich is a wanted person and Customs and Border Protection officers are duty bound to return fugitives to justice when we encounter them at our nation’s ports of entry,” said Christopher Hess, CBP Port Director for the Port of Washington.

Katiana is now 18 years old. No word as to whether she will be reunited with her searching father. Since she’s now an adult, they can’t force her to meet him, and family abductors often alienate the child against the searching parent so, by the time the kid is found, he or she doesn’t want anything to do with the searching parent.

Unlike with Katiana, the location of Nancy Jo Scamurra is little cause for celebration. The fourteen-year-old girl was last seen when she left her Amherst, New York home angry after she got into an argument with one of her brothers. This was way back in July 1984. Less than two weeks later, her torso was found by fishermen in Lake Ontario in Oswego County, New York. (You can see a 1984 article about finding here.) The head, arms and legs were never located. Obviously the condition of the remains made it very difficult to identify the body; the police could only determine that it was a white female under 40, and 5’6 or shorter.

But the authorities didn’t give up. DNA technology (which has, needless to say, proven to be such a blessing for families of the missing and crime victims) finally identified the body as Nancy this month. It proved too late for Nancy’s mother, who died years ago after a protracted battle with cancer, still hoping her daughter would turn up. Her four older brothers and her father are still alive, and her father still lives in the house where Nancy lived when she vanished. None of them have made any statements in the press.

Now the quest is on to determine who determine who murdered, decapitated and dismembered this poor girl and dumped her body in the lake like it was trash. R.I.P., Nancy. I hope they can bury you next to your mother.