And another siiigh

Got an email last night from a guy who saw one of my cases profiled on Investigation Discovery, which he has been watching “for days.” The case involves a woman who disappeared from a nightclub (as ever), and I guess the TV show had some security camera footage of her leaving the club. My correspondent believes a certain person he saw in the security tapes was the one who harmed my MP. He doesn’t recognize the person or anything, but watching the tape repeatedly, he just got the impression that “the man in the cowboy hat is guilty.”

Um…okay. Great. But why are you telling me this? Even if I had seen the clip myself and agreed, what on earth could I possibly do about it?

I don’t know why people keep sending me things like this when they ought to be calling the police themselves. I say repeatedly on my site that I’m not an investigator. Okay, there was one woman from Italy who asked me to give her tip to the police so she wouldn’t have to spend $$$ making an international call, but that’s an exception.

(Most of the emails I get, btw, are not from annoying or crazy people. Most of them are helpful emails with info to put on Charley, or just emails thanking me for my work. But those emails aren’t interesting to blog about.)


One thought on “And another siiigh

  1. Marilynilpa July 15, 2012 / 12:29 pm

    Maybe you should put him in touch with the lady threatening to sue you – they both seem to have too much time on their hands!!

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