Two more ET entries from me

The Executed Today blog went down like a week ago. I thought it had stayed down — my browser was telling me that — and wondered if the Headsman would ever put it back up or whether he’d called it quits or what. But it turns out the blog went back up within a day or so and my browser was lying to me. (*smacks browser* Bad Chrome! Oh, wicked, bad, naughty Chrome! Oh, wicked, bad, naughty, evil Chrome!) I had to empty the cache to see it. Anyway, two entries by me that were published during that time:

Not Shaike Iwensky/Sidney Iwens, a seventeen-year-old Lithuanian boy who survived a Nazi massacre in Latvia because the SS had run out space in their mass graves.
Jake Bird, ax-murderer and probably a serial killer.

Mother’s birthday tomorrow

Tomorrow’s my mom’s birthday. I forgot altogether last year, for the first time in my life. I felt really bad. This year I’ve remembered in advance and got her two presents:

1. A light switch plate hand-painted to say “lumos” at the top. and “nox” at the bottom. (This is a reference to Harry Potter: the spell “lumos” made your wand light up light a torch, and “nox” turned it off.) I bought this; certainly I would make a mess of trying to hand-paint anything. I haven’t given Mom this gift yet.
2. A lap robe I sort of made myself. I bought, for next to nothing, the shell of what had once been a fur coat — allegedly bearskin, though the seller wasn’t sure. Once it arrived I cut it into the appropriate shape. The fur is a deep black and unbelievably soft and silky, almost like rabbit fur, but it’s shorter than rabbit fur and doesn’t shed like rabbit fur. I’ve given this to Mom already and she was very pleased with it. I had some large-ish scraps left over and gave them to Michael’s mother to use in some sewing project. One piece I have kept temporarily to take to the furrier and find out whether it’s really bear fur. It’s not like I’ve ever petted a bear. But it’s not like any fur I’ve ever seen.

In other news, I haven’t read a new book at all so far this month. This has got to be the longest time in years. Instead I’ve been re-reading old books, and playing Sims 3, and stuff.

The crazy Facebook lady hasn’t contacted me again though I bet she will. I wish I had a lawyer to deal with these people for me. I’m not afraid of an actual lawsuit, because I have not done anything actionable and a person would be laughed out of court if they tried. I just wish I had a lawyer to shoo these people away by sending out cease-and-desist emails or something.