Got a message on Facebook:

I am demanding my son [his name snipped] be remove off your web site and demanding he is not place any more into any website your company is related to or else I will be more than happy to file a complaint with the court, for slander, as well as assisting kidnapping of my child, which was abuse by his father and step mother. Currently I have sole legal custody and the picture that is being blast on the site was stolen out of my home by his father. I am a victim of domestic violence and your company is the reason my son was abuse by his father as well as has been molested, after being place in the foster system…. Remove my name of your site as well as my son name and picture… this is a demand. your company place people name on the website base on lies and deceived.. If our name and picture does not get deleted, i will file a complaint with the court

[Her name snipped]

Well, lady, news for you:

1. I don’t run a company.
2. You don’t know what “slander” means.
3. The Charley Project has never assisted in anyone’s kidnapping or in the abuse of any child.
4. You kidnapped your kid. The kid’s father never abducted him that I know of.
5. Your name is not listed anywhere on my site.
6. I had to look up your kid’s name because I couldn’t remember who he was. He’s buried deep in the resolved section, having been found three years ago.
6. Go to hell.