New MP of the week

Got my update in half an hour before midnight. I missed last week’s featured MP. Been doing that a lot lately. I suck, I know.

This week it’s Alex Adrian Aleman, a 25-year-old missing from Dallas, Texas for almost seven years now. I don’t have much on him, other than that he had depression and some personal problems when he disappeared. He has a distinctive tattoo on his scalp and other tattoos on the rest of his body.

That’s the way I like it

Got an email today from a woman whose grandmother has been missing since 1976. For this case I have a very poor quality photograph and exactly zilch as far as details, other than info about the car she was driving. The granddaughter wanted to know how she could find out more information and/or get the MP case reopened. I replied with my usual spiel about how there may be no information to be found, records getting lost, etc., but explained about getting in touch with LE and hotlines and stuff.

For some reason it always pleases me when I get these kinds of emails. I like them even more so than the “my child/spouse/friend/whatever is missing and listed on your site and I wanted to let you know how grateful I am, you are wonderful” emails. I get those a few times a week and they make me feel kind of, well, bashful. I always get uncomfortable when people thank me for anything and wish they would have the indecency to be ungrateful.