Confession in Lauryn Dickens case

Per several Charley Project readers: Shakara Dickens has finally admitted to murdering her nine-month-old baby Lauryn back in September 2010. A typical case of infanticide: she smothered the baby because she couldn’t stand the crying.

Shakara managed to come up with a few tears at the sentencing. She and her defense attorney claim she’s very sorry for what she did. But if this is the case I wonder why she didn’t ‘fess up to this sooner. Why she didn’t call 911 immediately and see if Lauryn could have been revived. Why she wasted so much time and money and resources from people searching, and the police investigation, and the trial.

In exchange for her admissions, she got a 19-year sentence, down from the 54 years she could have gotten. Lauryn’s body is probably unrecoverable. The most thorough article I could find is here.

My apologies

Sorry for being absent and not updating as of late. I’ve been doing other things — nothing in particular, but stuff like playing Sims 3 and Civilization. Just chilling out. I’ll update today, I promise.

In the meantime, yesterday I did update my missing person of the week. It’s Margaret Unger, a middle-aged woman from Missouri with late-onset schizophrenia who, in 2010, ran into the woods during a fit of paranoia and never came out.

And I had another Executed Today entry posted: Marianne Kurchner. I don’t know the date of her death, but she was condemned for sedition in Nazi Germany on June 26, 1943. She made a joke at Hitler’s expense, and that is quite literally all she did, but that was enough.